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Presents for theater attendees are "Kizuna" clear files!
Date: 11 Feb 2020
News 11Feb2020.jpg

Information on presents for theater visitors has been lifted! This "Kizuna" Clear File Collection is drawn only by Seiji Tachikawa, the director of drawing. Four types are developed every week from the release date. One of them will be randomly distributed. There are a total of 12 types for 3 consecutive weeks. It is a valuable clear file in which 12 “selected children” and their partner Digimon are drawn. Limited to first-come-first-served basis. Visit the theater many times and watch their stories.

Digimon New 11 Feb 2020
"Kumamon" collaboration decision! This is Kumamon Adventure! !!
Date: 23 Jan 2020
News 23Jan2020.jpg

Title: "Kumamon" collaboration decision! This is Kumamon Adventure! !!


Kumamoto Prefecture PR mascot character Kumamon and Digimon have decided to collaborate!


Kumamon is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its debut in 2010, and "Digimon Adventure" is celebrating its 20th anniversary since the start of broadcasting in 1999. The banned collaboration poster has the same composition as the teaser poster of "Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna", depicting Kumamon and Agumon holding hands in front of Kumamoto Castle. About 500 of these posters will be posted at major tourist facilities in Kumamoto Prefecture, such as Kumamon Village, Kumamon Square, Saisaien, Water Science Museum, Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto City Museum, Kumamoto Castle Museum Wakuwakuza. Has become.


Furthermore, in commemoration of this collaboration, we will carry out a tie-up campaign with the Kyushu Sanko Bus in Kumamoto Prefecture. The "Collaboration Memorial Special Interior Gallery Bus", which has Kumamon specifications as the interior of "Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna", will be operating in Kumamoto City, and a gift campaign will be held on Twitter where you can win original collaboration goods etc. by lottery. We now have. The interior gallery bus is available between February 21st (Friday) and March 20th (Friday, national holiday), Kojima (or Gocho)-Sakuramachi BT-Prefectural Office-Kiyama, or Western Garage- It is scheduled to operate on two routes from Sakuramachi BT to Kusu housing complex. Further collaboration information will be announced. Please check future announcements for details!

Digimon News 23 Jan 2020
Digimon News 17Dec2020
New Trailer is released!
Date: 17 DEC 2019

The opening of this trailer video, which was lifted, is 2010. Taichi became a college student, and Yamato and other “chosen children” had begun their own paths. Meanwhile, an unknown Digimon called "Eosmon" causes an incident to occur around "selected children" around the world. What appeared there was a scholar, Menoa, who specializes in Digimon. What Menoa told Taichi was the shocking truth that when selected children grow up, the partner Digimon will disappear...

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